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EU and UK market are set to capture 15.8% of global litigation funding, poised for strongest growth worldwide

By John Freund |

Deminor, a leading international litigation funder, projects that the investment potential for litigation funding in Europe is set to reach USD 1.8bn annually, representing nearly 16% of the global market. This is according to the white paperLitigation Funding from a European Perspectivereleased today. Deminor predicts the investment potential for litigation funding in Europe is set to reach nearly USD 3.7bn in 2025 (+100%), compared to USD 17.8bn globally in 2020.

The actual amount invested in litigation annually is still a fraction of the investment potential estimated at 27% (USD 486m in Europe).  As a percentage of total litigation spend, actual amounts invested by third party funders in litigation represent less than 1%.  Real investments in litigation are likely to move closer to the investment potential over the next years, but fears that third party litigation funding is driving up the cost of doing business in Europe are largely overdone.

The white paper predicts the ESG agenda will be one of the drivers for growth in the UK and Europe, with cases having already been heard claiming damages for environmental harm. Climate and human rights issues are equally set to benefit from litigation funding over the next few years as this market looks to keep up with changing social issues. Other areas for growth include anti-trust damages, commercial litigation, including intellectual property, and data breaches.

Erik Bomans, CEO of Deminor, commented: “The growth of litigation funding in Europe will not only create a shift in perception, but in consumers’ and businesses’ ability to successfully resolve legal disputes that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to them. Given the economic uncertainty, Deminor anticipates the market will shift towards businesses using the funding to be strategic with capital and release money that would otherwise be tied up in litigation. This is also likely to lead to more successful litigation outcomes where businesses can benefit from the knowledge of experts in the field.”

The report forecasts that while the EU market is still relatively small, the increase in the use of litigation funding is expected to hit annual growth of 8.3% in the next five years. Growing costs and focus on working capital is a key factor, prompting businesses to free-up working cash from long-term litigation projects and use litigation funding as a financial management tool. The United Kingdom is set to be the biggest single market contributor, with annual investment potential reaching USD 1bn.

Countries such as Germany and the Netherlands have been key players facilitating collective actions ahead of the European Representative Action Directive which makes a collective action mechanism available for consumers in all EU countries in the future. Several business lobby groups are calling for regulation of the litigation funding industry but, given the industry’s small scale in comparison to the litigation market as a whole, this looks premature.

Erik Bomans added: “Regulation is not necessarily negative and may create more certainty and transparency in the market, provided it is used to protect fair market competition and access to justice for all market players regardless of their financial means. The goal should be to give consumers and smaller companies litigation options to support justice, to champion social progress and to restore balance.”

About Deminor

Founded in 1990, Deminor is a leading privately-owned and international litigation funder with offices in Brussels, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan and New York. Deminor’s name, derived from the French “défense des minoritaires”, reflects its origins in providing services to minority shareholders. Deminor is still very much defined by the pursuit of good causes and its determination to restore justice for clients. Combining skill sets from 16 different nationalities and 14 languages, Deminor has funded cases in 18 jurisdictions including the Americas, the Middle East and offshore centres such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. With specialists in arbitration, intellectual property, competition, corporate & post-M&A, investments, enforcement, and tax litigation, Deminor has achieved positive recoveries for clients in more than 81% of the cases it has funded, against an industry average of 70%.

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Litigation Lending Services Announces a New $35million Credit Facility 

By Harry Moran |

Litigation Lending Services (LLS), a pioneering force in the litigation funding industry for over 25 years, proudly announces the completion of a strategic $35 million credit facility with a leading Australian based global alternative asset manager. This credit facility further bolsters the Company's robust financial structure in tandem with its existing fund and balance sheet. 

Known for its commitment to social impact investment alongside handling insolvency and commercial and class action claims, LLS continues its mission to support those in their legal battles while making a positive difference in the community. 

As demonstrated by the recent announcement of the $180.4m settlement in the Stolen Wages Western Australia class action, LLS’s strategic approach to litigation financing combines rigorous case evaluation with a passion for driving positive societal change, making it an attractive opportunity for investors seeking both financial returns and meaningful contributions to the community. 

"We are thrilled to have successfully secured a new finance partnership, reinforcing our financial stability and positioning us for continued growth and impact," stated Chair Shaun Bonétt. “This not only strengthens our ability to support meritorious cases but also reinforces our belief that everyone deserves fair access to legal recourse, regardless of their financial situation.” 

With an impressive track record of fostering access to justice, Litigation Lending Services remains at the forefront of the industry. As LLS continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the funding further ensures that the Company is well positioned to continue its vital work providing crucial support to those who might otherwise lack access to the legal system. 

For more information about Litigation Lending Services, please visit or contact:

Susan Wynne
Chief Executive Officer (Acting)
Litigation Lending Services
02 90519990

About Litigation Lending Services 

Litigation Lending Services is (LLS) a leading litigation funder with 25 years of experience in supporting insolvency, commercial claims and class actions with a key focus on funding social impact litigation. With a strong financial foundation and a commitment to justice, LLS empowers claimants to pursue meritorious cases, driving both financial and societal benefits.

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LCM – Trading Update for 2024 Financial Year 

By Harry Moran |

Litigation Capital Management Limited (AIM:LIT), an alternative asset manager specialising in dispute financing solutions internationally, is pleased to provide an update on its business for the 2024 financial year ended 30 June 2024.

We are pleased to report another successful year with eight investments concluding in the period generating realisations for LCM, inclusive of performance fees, totalling AUD$56.0m.  This is compared to LCM’s invested capital of AUD$23.8m, representing a multiple on invested capital (MOIC) of 2.4x. This performance aligns with our long-term track record of an average MOIC of 2.7x from investments concluded within the last 13 years, and underscores the successful execution of our strategy.  

Moreover, we have made a strong start to our 2025 financial year.  Shortly after the 2024 financial year end, a single case investment concluded generating realizations for LCM of at least AUD$12.5m, including performance fees, compared to LCM’s invested capital of AUD$1.5m, representing a MOIC of 8.3x. 

PeriodRealisations (AUD$m)Invested Capital (AUD$m)MOIC multiple
Post Period end12.51.58.3x

The average duration of cases concluded in FY24 was 45 months - slightly longer than our general expectation of 36-42 months, which remains unchanged.  This largely reflects the COVID related delays that we have previously communicated which impacted several of the investments that concluded in the period.  Importantly, elongated time has not adversely impacted on investment performance. 

We continue to invest in what we believe are the highest quality legal claims, collaborating with leading law firms and barristers in our respective markets.  We have seen high demand for our capital in the second half of the year and expect to report New Commitments for FY24 in excess of AUD$250m (FY23: AUD$176m). It remains our key strategic priority to continue to grow New Commitments, and thus ensure LCM achieves additional financial scale.

Our current portfolio of investments, both direct investments that are entirely funded via our own balance sheet and those in which we are co-invested alongside our managed external funds, continue to perform in line with our expectations.  

Patrick Moloney, CEO of LCM, commented: “The performance of our concluded investments in our 2024 financial year highlights the strength and effectiveness of our investment strategy. Through our rigorous investment process, we have assembled a high-quality portfolio of uncorrelated legal finance assets that are positioned to deliver attractive future aggregate investment performance. Given our access to capital, further growing New Commitments remains our key strategic priority and we are well on track. We see significant upside potential here. 

“We look forward to updating our investors on our strategic progress with our full-year results presentation on

19 September and are excited about our future opportunities.” 

Below is a brief summary of selected investments that concluded in the second half of our 2024 financial year. 

Binding Settlement reached  - Direct balance sheet Investment

A successful outcome in a dispute investment which forms part of LCMs portfolio of 100% direct investments has been achieved. The proceedings were heard in the Supreme Court of Western Australia and included two levels of appeal at which LCM’s funded party was successful at each level.  A binding settlement deed has been executed by the parties resulting in the realisation of LCM’s investment. The investment is one of four legacy disputes held at cost within our financial statements.  Details of the returns are highlighted below:

AUD$mInvestment performance
Invested capital 2.8
Investment return9.2
Total revenue12.0

Binding Settlement reached - Direct balance sheet Investment

A further successful outcome was achieved with respect to a portfolio of insolvency claims related to the failure of an Australian listed construction company. A binding settlement deed was executed by the parties resulting in the realisation of LCM’s investment. The investment also forms part of LCMs portfolio of 100% direct investments. Details of the returns are highlighted below:

AUD$mInvestment performance
Invested capital 2.8
Investment return7.4
Total revenue10.3

Furthermore, below is a summary of the investment that concluded shortly after our financial year end. 

Bilateral Investment Treaty - Fund I Investment

LCM funded a claim advanced in respect of a breach of a bilateral investment treaty and brought under the International Centre For Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) Convention. The Tribunal issued an award in July 2023 in favour of LCM’s funded party for USD$76.7m plus interest and costs.  The Respondent sought to challenge the award, but the parties have now reached a settlement in advance of the annulment hearing. The terms of the settlement are confidential. 

The claim forms part of LCM’s managed Global Alternative Returns Fund (“Fund I”) and was funded directly from LCM’s balance sheet (25%) and Fund I investors (75%). Details of the returns are highlighted below:

AUD$mInvestment performanceLCM performance metricsFund I performance metrics
Invested capital
Investment return23.35.817.5
Total revenue29.27.321.9
MOIC on investment
Performance fee*-5.2(5.2)
Gross profit23.311.012.3
MOIC inclusive of performance fees5.0x8.3x3.8x

*The investment returns are subject to change based on the prevailing FX rate and timing of distribution 

About LCM

Litigation Capital Management (LCM) is an alternative asset manager specialising in disputes financing solutions internationally, which operates two business models. The first is direct investments made from LCM's permanent balance sheet capital and the second is third party fund management. Under those two business models, LCM currently pursues three investment strategies: Single-case funding, Portfolio funding and Acquisitions of claims. LCM generates its revenue from both its direct investments and also performance fees through asset management.

LCM has an unparalleled track record driven by disciplined project selection and robust risk management.

Currently headquartered in Sydney, with offices in London, Singapore, Brisbane and Melbourne, LCM listed on AIM in December 2018, trading under the ticker LIT.

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Fenchurch Legal Appoints Nathan Patterson as Senior Financial Controller

By Harry Moran |

Fenchurch Legal a specialist provider of litigation funding for small and medium-sized UK law firms, today announced the appointment of Nathan Patterson as Senior Financial Controller.

Nathan brings a wealth of experience to the role, with a proven track record of effective financial management and strategic planning. He previously held key financial positions at a boutique advisory firm in Dubai and a Plc house-building company in the UK.

A qualified accountant and tax advisor, Nathan is both FCCA and CTA qualified. He will play a pivotal role in driving Fenchurch Legal’s continued growth and financial success.  In his new role, Nathan will head the Finance department, ensuring accurate financial reporting, strategic budgeting, and the overall financial health of the company. He will also oversee risk management, conducting thorough financial due diligence on all borrowers. His role is pivotal in maintaining Fenchurch Legal on a path of robust financial health and sustainable growth.

Nathan Patterson commented on his appointment: "I am excited to join Fenchurch Legal at such a key time in the company’s growth period and contribute to its continued success. My goal is to enhance the financial operations and support the company's growth ambitions through sound financial management and strategic planning."

Louisa Klouda, CEO of Fenchurch Legal, said: "We are delighted to welcome Nathan to our team. His extensive experience will be of great value to us as we experience a period of rapid growth. He will help us continue to scale our operations and expand our client base. Nathan’s appointment underscores Fenchurch Legal’s commitment to building a strong and experienced team to support our growth plans."

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